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Life Series

When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing _ Enrique Jardiel Poncela

 Life series take a peak into the things I am passionate about; women in history, fashion and style, stationery , interior decoration, organisation gifts and international security. The categories include; The Sarah Project, creative Land, Interviews and fashion and style.  Why Life Series?  Earlier the year, I took the strength finder test and I was surprised about how accurate the results were. I have always enjoyed investing in people and brining out the best in individuals especially those that do not believe in themselves. I was not surprised the results indicated I was a developer. I am looking to use my strengths to the best of my ability.

The Sarah Project

Growing up in what Hofstede describes as a traditional society, a society that is a male dominated society I have always been drawn to strong women but my definition of strength has changed as I grow daily. I no longer see strength as the ability to physically put my best friend (who, by the way, is 3 times my size) down with one move but I see things differently now. I see strength in meekness, submission, Silence, Kindness, patience, self-control, empathy endurance.

I have always loved stories. I fondly remember my aunty seating telling stories like Zhan Zara, Black Knight all night in the early 90’s. The Characters I was always drawn to were the Ladies especially in Historical Romance Novels especially the female lead that fought for what they believed in.My favorite Character still Remains Georgina (George) from Enid Blyton’s Famous Five. This I think fuelled my love for books with a twisted plot. Everyone has a story to tell and I will be telling the stories of women that I admire.

Sarah ProjectThe birth of The Sarah Project did not happen over night. It’s been in the works for months. I was considering various names ranging from, Strong Women, Women I admire, Inspirational Women,  and this morning during my Physiotheraphy  routine I heard the Sarah’s Project and I was like Yippee. I was so excited and finally, I get to begin one of the most exciting projects I ever embarked on. Like every other journey I am going through, I am going to allow the Holy Spirit lead and guide my choices.

 The selection criteria is not solely my decision, I will aim to seek God first, speak faithfully and serve God. I will attempt to ensure I do not focus on women I believe will draw attention to the blog, but rather I focus on doing exactly what God says I should.These will include women in positions of authority, women in the bible and  women who have stood by leaders and maybe women in my life. As a woman, I am in a place I never yearned for , and the truth is I am sacred.I have been comfortable seating  in my own little corner. I am not an explorer or curious about what most people my age find exciting. I am an old woman at heart and I do not see anything wrong with that. As a christian, I always joke that I love the old-time religion and well that s just me. I have a lot of growing up to do, and I do not like change but its my heart desire that by learning from their story , I can write and tell my story.

The Sarah’s project will take a peek into the lives of.

  1. Women that are living ; Condoleezza Rice, Francine Rivers, Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Lara Casey , Whitney English
  2. Women in History  that have passed on, Margaret Thatcher, Audrey Hepburn,…
  3. Women in Scriptures: Esther, Tamar, Rahab, Mary…
  4. Women I believe will change history in the future.

These women all have their unique stories and it will do me great joy to tell their stories.


Creative Land

This is a mini project I am working on with a few friends. We are embarking on a journey with no plans or map but trusting in God. We are putting our faith in God and making a critical decision to work together, having realised we are not each others competition. Most of us are at a cross-road and have no idea what route to take. Others are already on the right path but are going through a tough time staying on track. We also have those that are undecided, confused and need a push in the right direction. We are women that are changing the world one second at a time. We have realised that the women we stand with are not our competition or people we step on to get to the next level, but we our paths have crossed for a reason.

Creative Land will focus on discovering who you are in Christ and encouraging you see yourself the way God sees you. God has given every one of us a unique gift, a voice, and passions. The dreams and visions we have are far beyond what we could ever ask or think. Ephesians 3:20. In the past few years, I have dreamed big and sometimes I get scared that I may not have the strength to carry out them. I am reminded that God as not give u the spirit of Fear but of Power, Love and a sound mind ( 2 Timothy 4: 7). I am also reminded that by strength shall no man prevail (1 Samuel 2: 29) but by trusting in God and doing things His way I can do all things Philippians 4: 13. Have I made mistakes? Yes. Will I make errors in the future? Yes. Will these errors prevent me from taking risk? No.  To take part send an email to

Fashion and style Inspiration 

have found myself saying to a few friendsyou forget I am a lady. The perfectionist in me has gone from being so fashion conscious to been laid back and only get dressed when I have to because of an occasion. I am in love with lounge wear and if I had my way, my wardrobe will comprise solely of pants. When it comes to fashion the most important thing I think about is the comfort. I can count on my hands the number of times I have worn jeans or heels in the last year(that doesn’t prevent me from picking 1 with an outfit).  The downside of having Chronic pain, fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, is that I am increasingly aware of any material that comes in contact with my skin. I have one primary ruleit must be soft and smooth. I also do not want anything touching my ankles, wrist, waist and this has limited my options. I am trying Compression socks and maybe abdominal binders in August to determine if they will improve my PoTS symptoms and I will keep a diary to monitor my symptoms. In the past few years, I have had to rethink my wardrobe for so many reasons. I was no longer thinking of the length of the skirt or how low my neckline wentbut rather I was more concerned with the softness of the fabric. I gradually drifted away from trousers to dressesFashion rules are meant to be broken and I admire women that own their style.  For four years at Uni,I was told to dress the way I want to be addressed and modesty was emphasisedWhat is modesty and what does scripture say about modestyThat fashion and style inspiration category will begin by looking at what the Bible says about modestyModesty in 2015 is big struggle, well for me it is. This summer has been so hot and I have considered so many options but are  I have drawn inspiration for my wardrobe changes from so many sources and I will be sharing.

 I am like anyone that loves fashion, I have had my hits and misses. My focus has in the past few years shifted from clothes to wardrobe styling and organisation. I love wardrobes and cannot wait till  I have my walk-in wardrobeFor now,I will be content with what I have and learn to make it work. I am trying my best to live a minimalistic life and well let‘s say, I have had my good and bad monthsMost especially because I have put on a lot of weights and I am needing new clothes. Can you guess what I weight now? 60kg. I will be sharing my fashion inspiration, and looking into skin, hair and body care.


As an aspiring stationery and gift designer I am drawing inspiration from many sources. I love interviews and chatting with people because I believe there’s a lot to learn when people share their experiences, creative ideas and opinion. As an individual venturing into business I have a lot of questions to ask, and the answers may not be found in books. Taking  a peek into their minds to discover what they do , how they do it and why they started their business,  is an opportunity I do not want to miss. This interviews will focus on conversations with  entrepreneurs, bloggers , and various experts; on business, international security and living as a christians. It is an opportunity to get and expand on information  from people who have facts and experience or an interesting thing to say.


Thank you for the gift of life, you sent your Son who knew no sin and for that I am grateful. I do not have a son, but I cannot imagine sending my nephews or godchildren to die for the world. I say thank you, Lord, for giving me another chance and forgiving me of all my sins. Lord when you laid it my heart to write on women I had so many ideas, but I do not want it to be just my reflection on women. I want you to speak through me, lead me to the right women and show me what aspect of their lives you want me to learn to. Let this point of this blog be a blessing to many people. May it cause us to engage with people in a unique and different ways? May we learn what it is to be a strong woman and embrace being feminine in a positive way. Let’s learn submission and know what it is to serve you.  May we learn what is to seek first the Kingdom of God. We will not focus on what we can gain but that your name be glorified. Speak to me and through me tell the story of these women. Show us this lessons that we need to learn, may serve as  a reminder of the role we women have played in building and breaking nations. Let us grow together and a year from today when we look at what you have done and how far we have come we will return to thank you.  As we begin the series on The Sarah’s Project make us learn from their strengths and weaknesses. Holy Spirit lead us in the right direction and to credible sources. We will not be carried away by the individual’s status but speak the truth.

Thank you for creativity, for placing in every one of us gifts, let us learn to use this gift to your glory. We will not see other ladies as our competition. I know you are capable of doing things far beyond what we can have or think.I know you are capable of doing things far beyond what we can have or think. We pay for increase and ask that you point us in the right direction. open doors of opportunities that we cannot open on our own. Faith without work is dead so lord we will giving our all to studying to prove ourself diligent. teaches how to study and improve ourselves daily. We will stop chasing perfection but take it one day at a time. We will begin with the resources you have placed in our hands

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, and her fully aware of the plans of the devil. we move our gaze way to these plans, but choose to focus on you daily. We will seat at your feet daily, and learn from you. You will no longer the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but you will be our God. The Rock of ages, the I am that I am, that’s the God we serve. As we spend time in your presence, show us your face. Let us know you as we study your word , build us daily. Give us the courage to take risk and see this as our ministry and where we are serving God. Thank you for your amazing grace, our hope is in you. We trust you to lead us into all truth and we will make ourselves available for you to use for your glory. Thank you for the gift of life. We have made a choice to serve you and you alone. Amen

 Finally, be strong in the Lord, and in the strength of His might 
(Ephesians 6:10)

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