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All the books reviewed on are supplemented by using the five-star Likert scale. I did not come across a universally acceptable range for book reviews so I came up with mine. I believe this is the best way to give a simple summary of my opinion on the books.

What to expect?

  • Ranges from 5 five-stars to 1 five-stars  It makes it easier to understand why a book is rated as a 1five-stars or 2 five-stars
  • The same rating can mean different things to different people. For instance, I may give a book 3 stars and you may think deserved 5 stars. I try my best to be objective, but my values as a Christian in what Hofstede will describe as a traditional society will influence how I view books. One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter As a social scientist, I will aim to be objective and anytime I am subjective or I believe my value will influence the final outcome I will state it.
  • All reviews will depict an honest, frank, and respectful opinion.
  • I will only review books I have read and will not review books I have not read because It is unfair and does not paint a  complete picture of the literature. If I started a book but did not complete it, I will state my reasons for not completing the book but will not assign stars.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all reviews posted are mine.


five-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-stars Five Stars:

Extraordinary ! The Bestest ( Yes I said BESTEST ) book ever.

Love! LOVE! LOVE! This book was amazing. It was a fantastic read and once I started it, I could not stop. The story was remarkable and Brilliant and all the characters had distinct voices. The plot-line of this book held my attention from the onset and the pacing was fantastic. The writer is amazing and the flow was consistent and captivating.


four-starsfour-starsfour-starsfour-stars  Four Stars

GOOD —This book was a really enjoyable read. I really liked it. Some moments I may have even loved.  There may have been a few things that I felt could be improved upon or there may be nothing wrong with the book, it just didn’t blow me away.  I would recommend this book to most people and think most people would really enjoy this book. I just felt like the book was incomplete and missing something, but it was a good read

three-starsthree-starsthree-stars  Three Stars

Average !  Neutral. This book was good, but I didn’t love it and I didn’t dislike it. It took a while to connect with the character and once I connected, I stopped hating it and then something just went wrong. However, there maybe have been a few things that bothered me while reading this book and it may have been slow in parts. I would still recommend this book; it just wasn’t a favorite of mine.

two-starstwo-stars Two Stars It was just not working 

I MAY HAVE LIKED A FEW THINGS but… something was missing. Decent writing style, I tried my best to connect but, unfortunately, was unable to. There may have been a few moments that I likedbut the lack of connection on my part to the story or the characters was unbearable. It may be ideal for other readersThere were certain failings in critical elements that kept me from enjoying the work overall.

one-star  1 STAR   No! No! No! CAN I have my money back? I disliked this book. I had several issues with the bookSome things in this book may be offensive to me. The Editor, Publisher and anyone else involved must be questioned.  It was a waste of time and money.

This scale is valid as @ October 5th 2015  

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